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Ice Covering Areas of Northern New England
associatedpress 55 mins ago

The National Weather Service says rivers dropped back below flood stage in northern New England, aft… Go to video page

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Hawaii Gov. Promises Changes After False Alert
associatedpress 2 hours ago

Hawaii Governor David Ige is promising change, after a false missile alert was sent to cell phones o… Go to video page

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CA Couple Arrested For Holding Children Captive
associatedpress 4 hours ago

A young woman led deputies to a California home where her 12 brothers and sisters were locked up in… Go to video page

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Trump Returns After Long Weekend in Florida
associatedpress 8 hours ago

President Trump arrived at the White House Monday, following his first Martin Luther King federal ho… Go to video page

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Hundreds Honor King at Washington's MLK Memorial
associatedpress 9 hours ago

Visitors at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington paid their respects to the late civil… Go to video page

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