About Us

We are a group of news enthusiasts who scour the internet for breaking news. We love to be on top of the stories that are breaking.

How do we follow so many headlines?

This is no simple thing. We have desks with lots of computers and we watch wire services, social media, monitor popular news websites from all over the country, and also filter user submissions to our website using sophisticated cloud services and in house scripts to find the breaking news immediately as it happens and pass the links to you.

This seems like so much work how do you do all that with a few people?

Well this is simple. There are so many sources for news that it can seem daunting. We even monitor scanner traffic and user information compiled on events that are breaking. We have a process to filter all this information. Then we simple click one button next to the story and boom it immediately goes out to our webpage and twitter account instantly. We also manually post updates that are sent out using another system. We allow the community to post updates on our website. These submissions also get thrown into the system and are filtered for accuracy and manually posted to the website. We use a simple php script to pull information for your article submissions so you don't have to take time out of your schedule to gain exposure for your articles.

Is this system fair?

We handle all articles the same way from every source we monitor. We provide only direct links to articles that are filtered through the system. We don't offer advertising on our website. Some sites will pull articles from sources and link an excerpt on their site with advertising and a link to the actual article. This is considered stealing. We simply link directly to the article. No non-sense, no pop-up advertising, no stealing. We play nice. We always attribute the original article. We are really a one-page site.

Why are you posting these links when I can already get them?

This is true. Following us will allow you to benefit from our system filtering results and get you the news that matters. During breaking news we will give you access to all our information about events as it happens. We post links rather than retweet them because we need the analytics to monitor what's important. We may retweet items that don't need a link. This may occur for instances like sports or other breaking items that aren't articles. We don't advertise so we are only providing more information about the news. Not making money off other peoples content. But we don't use our website as the source. It spreads the news and provides greater exposure to websites that cover the events. It's a win-win for both our end-users and the source of the article. We also compile information so we bring you only the headlines that matter. So you can monitor hundreds of news sites by simple coming to our site or following us on twitter. We should be used in addition to every other way that you access the news. Just follow us on twitter or come to our website when you see breaking news and most likely we will have an article here that will get you where you need to go.

Can you watch the news 24/7 all the time?

To be honest the answer is "no". We are a limited group and we can't stay awake 24/7. So when we aren't able to monitor the news we click a button on the system and it goes into what is called "watch mode". This will limit lots of sources to only a few very trusted organizations. These are the only ones monitored during "watch mode". All our other filtering continues but it isn't entered into the system for review. Once our software is put back into "active mode" the archived information will become available again. If the computer notices that something is hitting a certain number of watches one of us is notified by (email, text, and computer alerts) to wake up and watch what's going on and begin covering the event. When our system is in watch mode we can post, link, and integrate with the system from any device from anywhere in the world. Yes we can monitor and run the website from a smartphone using very little resources. In the future we hope to link this system to a team that could expand and grow to allow us to have others monitor events and post to our system. We aren't ready for that just yet. We are cloud based so our system is never down. It's not a computer sitting in a basement somewhere. We just access the system using any tools we want when in either mode. In order to move the system into "active" status the reviewer must have a workstation activated with all the tools running because of the filtering tools needed to input information so that articles can filter through the system correctly. In very rare national emergencies we can put the system into "active mode" and get access to tons of archived information from anywhere in the world. But it is very difficult to access all the information without a workstation. This only happened on a few occasions such as the recent "Turkey Coup" and other events around the world.

Why does it seem biased sometimes?

This is very simple to answer. Recent events in politics such as a candidate may be in the breaking news cycle good or bad and we will report the news. If you are a supporter for that candidate it can seem like we are biased against or for that person. When in fact we are only reporting the news. If a story is filtered through the system and is newsworthy we will post it regardless of how we feel. We do have standards. No slander, no accusations, no bullying, and play nice. We don't pull information from tabloids or gawker style websites because this information is likely to be unfiltered and isn't reliable. We manually monitor these sites when they are mentioned in news articles but we rarely link articles from these sites.